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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sneak Peak..

Peppermint Bliss Christmas 5x7 folded card
Turn your pictures into personalized Christmas cards.
View the entire collection of cards.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Sick Little Man..

Corbyn is sick...AGAIN. We ended up having to take him the ER on saturday after having 2 1/2 days of on and off high fever. When we got to the ER he had a temp of 103! You wouldn't know it from the picture above. When the pretty blonde nurse came in it was like he was a different baby. He perked right up and almost was like himself again! He is such a ladies man! They checked his ears after my request and sure enough...double ear infection..AGAIN. He has had 3 ear infections ALREADY and he's only 8 months old! How is this happening?!

The good news is though, today he is really starting to seem more like himself. He actually was smiling, laughing and bouncing around. It was so wonderful to see. All we've seen for almost a week now is a sad, sick little baby. So we are very excited to see him like this! We go for his 9 month appt in novemeber so we are going to talk about what we can do about these ear infections. I feel so bad for my little man!

On a happier note, if he is back to himself by this weekend he's heading to grandmas for the weekend. Just them two! I can't even imagine what they will do this time, I'm sure it will have a lot of ice cream and goodies involved. It is our wedding anniversary next week so we're gonna have a weekend alone. We think we're gonna go see a movie (I'm hoping to convince him to see the new one with betty white, Jamie Lee curtis, and a whole bunch of other celebs) and go to Quaker Steak and Lube. YUUUUUUUUUUUUUM! Either way it will be nice to be just us two this weekend. I may even get a "adult" beverage at dinner! Who knows!!

I Don't Know How You Ladies Keep Up With Blogs..

I am SOOOO bad at it! I just can't keep up with you faithful bloggers! Anyway...I haven't couponed in a few weeks, so when I went to Rite-Aid and got some AMAZING deals! Too good not to share, I don't think I'll be going this week, not to much interesting me. I may hit up target, but not sure. Right now I gotta get a new printer cartridge because mine is not printing coupons right! Its making me miss out on SO MANY! Anyway here's my deal!

Here's what I got:
5 J&J Body Wash
3 Gerber Puffs
1 Gerber Juice
1 Gerber Melts
1 Gerber Crunchies
4 Packs Trident Gum
1 Pack Orbit Gum
1 Pack Xtra Protection Diapers
2 Children Advil (one's not shown)
1 Fructis Curl Creme
2 Mt Dew
1 Maybeline Foundation
1 Maybeline Mascara
1 3 Pk EPT Digital Pregnancy Tests (not shown)

Any Guesses?! This one I'm still shocked at....
Before: $127.33
After: $22.06


Friday, September 3, 2010

Please Vote For Corbyn!

Everyone always tells me Corbyn should be a Gerber Baby, and I have to agree! Well now here's his chance. With your help (and everyone you want to pass it on to as well) we could have the next Gerber baby on our hands!

Please Vote For Corbyn, You can vote once a Day!

I can't figure out how to make it clicky =(

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh...Have I Told You?

One Is Not Enough For Our Family....We're Trying For Number 2!

That's Right...Corbyn will soon (crossing our fingers) be a Big Brother! (no we are not pregnant yet, trust me as soon as I am, everyone will know!)

Picture Overload...

My Sister Heather was home, We haven't seen her in over 5 years! She also brought home my cute little niece Holly! We had a great time visiting with her, but time went WAY to fast. Somehow though we managed a quick photoshoot! Here is some samples of what we got...I LOVE IT! They are beautiful, and she is so talented! Thank you SO MUCH sister!

Rite-Aid Deal: Week Of 8/29/10

Today was a quick trip! I read on one of my coupon websites about how to do this awesome just about free deal, so I decided what the heck!

Here's what I got:
3 Tide, In Wash Stain Booster
2 Pepsi Max
1 Butt Paste

I used:
$5.00/$25.00 Video Value Coupon
3 - $3.00/1 Tide Coupons from Sunday's paper
1 - B1G1 Free Pepsi Max Coupon from Video Values
1 - $3.00/1 Butt Paste
1 - $1.00/1 Butt Paste from sunday's paper

Total Before Sales and Coupons: $33.74
Total After Sales and Coupons: $6.61

PLUS...I earned 3 -$1.00 +UPR.
Making My Final Total: $3.61

Total Saved: $30.13

Rite-Aid Deal: Week Of 8/12/10

I know this is a little late, but I had to share this awesome deal with you guys! I wanted to share it when I got it, but with TJ getting VERY sick, and the baby not acting like himself there just wasnt time. Finally things are slowly getting back to normal.

I don't have patience or time to type out EXACTLY how I did this deal haha, but basically what it is, is I hit rite-aid at the right time! They we're doing some major clearancing, and I had coupons to go with those prices!

Here's what I got:

4 Packages of the LARGE pampers (52pk)
5 Airwick Fresh Matics
2 Finish Automatic Dish Det. Refills
4 Packages of Wipes
4 Febreeze Plug Ins
2 Dial Hand Soap
1 8 Pk Bounty Towels
1 Arm&Hammer Cleaning Product
1 Purex Washer->Dryer Sheets
1 Small Tide

Total Before Coupons/Sales: $251.93
Total After Coupons/Sales: $46.59
Total Saved: $205.34

And to think..I was going to skip Rite-Aid that week!

Monday, August 23, 2010

I fail...

I failed the 30 day blog challenge =( life got in the way but good news is Tj's feeling better and Corbyn has slept through the night 3 days in a row. Once were back on track I'll keep up with this again. I have 2 deals to show you all, plus I havent even gone through the paper yet! So there could be more! Hope to get caught up this week...stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not Enough Time..

I'm not trying to be a bad blogger, I swear. I've just been busy trying to keep up with all the craziness at home. Tj is still sick, but he's getting better every day. Corbyn seems to be more himself the last couple of days, which is wonderful to see. He had his 6 month appt (I know, but he's 7 months...we missed his 6 month one) he did wonderful! He is 27 inches, 21 lbs, and right on track where he should be! But..he's still not sleeping through the night. I don't know what happened but for a week and half now he's just been off. And with TJ being sick its really taking a toll on me. But we'll get through this!

So I have nothing really exciting to report, I do have a AWESOME rite-aid deal to post, but I haven't had time to figure out my exact savings and stuff. As soon as I do I will post it!

Oh, and I'm 100% sure Corbyn will be saying da-da-da in the very near future. He got a couple out today, but they weren't a complete babble. But you can tell he WANTS to say something! Ahh it was so cute, it's melting my heart already!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


The picture does not do this BEAUTIFUL purse justice! It is the perfect size, fits like a glove on my shoulder, and the lining is soooo nice! Its by Sienna Ricchi? Never heard of her myself, but its a new line Kohls carries.

Regular Price: $79.00
Sale Price: $15.80
I Saved: $63.20!!!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rite-Aid Deal: Week Of 8/8/10

4 Cans Progresso Soup
2 Fructis Hair Gel
1 Loreal Hair Day
1 Maybeline Foundation
4 Chex Mix
1 LG Scott TP
3 Medium Bags M&Ms
4 Schick Hydro Razors
4 Bic Soeli Razors

Total Before Sales and Coupons: $111.24
Total After Sales and Coupons: $30.62
Total Savings: $80.62, a savings of 72%

Here's how I did it:

Transaction 1:
2 Fructis Hair Gel (Regular Price = $4.49 EA)
1 Loreal Hair Dye (Regular Price = $6.99 EA)
1 Maybeline Foundation (Regular Price = $9.39 EA)
3 Medium Bags M&Ms (Regular Price = $3.99 EA)

-$5/$25 Video Reward
-$2/Maybeline Video Reward
-$1/Fructis Video Reward & 2/$1 off Manufacture Coupons
-$3.50 Loreal Hair Dye (clearance item) & $2/Loreal Video Reward
- B2/G1 Free M&Ms (-$2.50)
-$1 UPR from previous purchase

Total With Tax, and BEFORE sale prices/coupons = $40.31
Total After Wellness card scanned/coupons = $12.67
(Plus I Earned 1/$1 UPR)

Transaction 2:
4 Cans Progresso Soup (Regular Price = $3.19 EA)
4 Chex Mix (Regular Price = $2.99 EA)
1 LG Scott TP (Regular Price = $12.99 EA)

-$5/$25 Red Plum Printable Coupon
-$1/Scott Video Reward & $1/Scott Manufacture Coupon
-(2)$1/2 Chex Mix Manufacture Coupon
-$1/2 Progresso Soup Video Reward & $1/4 Manufacture Coupon

Total With Tax, and BEFORE sale prices/coupons = $40.73
Total After Wellness card scanned/coupons = $13.59
(Plus I Earned 2/$1 UPR)

Transaction 3:
4 Schick Hydro Razors (Regular Price = $8.99)

-$5/$25 Red Plum Printable Coupon
-(4) $5/1 Schick Hydro Razor
-1/$1 UPR from previous transaction

Total With Tax, and BEFORE sale prices/coupons = $38.84
Total After Wellness card scanned/coupons = $0.08

**The Bic Soeli Razors**
I had a rain check at Kinney Drugs from 2 weeks ago when they were on sale for $3.99. I used 4/$3.00 off coupons making them $0.99 each.

So My Rite-Aid trip didn't go as well as I suspected it would, but that's ok. I think I just wasn't on top of my game because of Corbyn not being himself and TJ being so sick. I did do pretty good anyways, but I think I could have done better!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Enfamil Users...I Have A Deal For You!!

Coupons.Com has a $5.00 off printable coupon on Enfamil Gentlese, AR, and ProSobee. You can use coupons with enfamil checks if you have them! Enfamil check's usually run anywhere from $1.00-$5.00 from what I've seen. So atbest you could take $10.00 off a can of Enfamil Formula!!

But it gets better!! Have a CVS by you?

CVS has it on sale for $21.99!
So, take off the $5.00 coupon, and you will atleast get it for $16.99. But if you have those checks, you could get it for as low as $11.99 a can!! What a great time to stock up! I know if similac had a printable coupon like that we would be!!

Here's the link for COUPONS.COM
(I use zipcode 94043 and it's on page 8 for me)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ok...I'll Play...


So the girls on my "mama's" board are doing a 30day blog challenge. The goal is to try to write in your blog at least 5 times a week, for six weeks straight. I've never been one to keep up with blogs, so this will be a challenge for me! (I already missed yesterday!) Sare had some awesome ideas for posts to help me along the way so I don't just go on and on about nothing. I'm going to take a stab at Wordless Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, and Photography Friday. (starting next week though, sorry, haha, I'm not making up excuses I promise. This week is just too crazy right now, with my sick babies!)

Here goes nothing...

Pneumonia and Mono..

Tj got sick on monday afternoon VERY suddenly. He thought it was just a average cold, but it just kept getting worse, and he was to the point where his whole body ached and he could barely move. So we decided it was time to go to the doctor, was 5am, so we wen't the ER. We actually had a very pleasant experience this time there, crazy I know. The nurses were good, and the doctor knew what he was talking about!! (I know, I'm shocked still too!) He found out he has Pneumonia and Mono. He is out of work until ATLEAST monday, but we go see his regular doctor tomorrow to see what she thinks.
I hope he gets better soon, It's awful seeing him so sick, he does look a tiny, tiny bit better today though, now that he has the antibiotics in him, and 3 bags of IV fluid. Crossing our fingers and toes that Corbyn or I don't get it! I took Corbyn into the doctor today while he was waiting in the ER for all his treatments. His lack of sleeping, pulling on his ear, and screaming when laying down had me worried he had a ear infection again. But good news is he DOESNT! She said she thinks its just his congestion, and those awful teeth that won't leave him alone!
So there is some light at the end of the tunnel. I'm hoping that I can get some rest tonight, I sure do need it. It's been a VERY long week!
I did get a chance to do a LITTLE, very LITTLE rite-aid trip today though, and I hope I can post it tomorrow! It's nothing too exciting though. I wasn't on top of my game, so I think I could have done better, I didn't do bad, but..ya know.
Oh well, off to bed, hopefully for more than a hour at time!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Love Of Coupons Is Rubbing Off...

Seems my love for couponing is rubbing off on EVERYONE! I'm so glad to see that so many people enjoy seeing how I get the deals I get, and are inspired to get them as well! I just hope that this doesn't mean EVERYONE is going to buy all the goodies I want! Good thing no one lives close to me to steal them up!

If anyone needs any help or advice with their coupons let me know! I'd love to help ya if I can! =)

Monday, August 9, 2010

I Am So Lucky...

I don't know how I got so blessed to have such a wonderful Mom. She raised myself and my sister with little to no help from my father, and never asked for any or complained. She enjoyed every minute with us, well..almost every minute, I'm sure there was a few during our teenage years she could have lived without. I've always thought of her as my best friend, we talk at least once a day, sometimes more. I honestly don't know what I'd do without her.
Now that Corbyn is here, our relationship has grown and gotten even stronger. I have seen her ALMOST every weekend since he has been born. Most weekends were spent together, enjoying our time with Corbyn.
This past weekend she took Corbyn for us, so TJ and I could have some alone time. When I asked her if she wanted to have him for the weekend you would have thought I'd asked her if she wanted a million dollars. When we met her she light up from ear to ear, hugging and kissing him like she hadn't seen him in years. (she just saw him last weekend) I received lots of pictures of him having a blast (him in the swing is one from this weekend, his first time in a baby swing, he LOVED it), and every time I called she was laughing. I swear I could see her smile through the phone.
It fills my heart with so much joy seeing her so happy. She is loving this Grandma roll, and doing a wonderful job at it. I know when Corbyn is old enough, he will too see how lucky he is to have such a wonderful Grandma. Just like I see with my Grandma's.
Life is Good.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rite-Aid Single Check Rebate's

Some of you may be wondering about the Single Check Rebates, or SCRs rite aid offers. I thought I'd give you all a quick heads up on them. There is a flyer in the front of Rite Aid that tells you what they are for the month if you wan't see what's going on for the month, or so you don't miss any. But if you come across some in their weekly ad and wonder how they work here it is.

They are sooo simple! You just buy the qualifying item, then go home with your receipt. Go to Make a account, then just follow the instructions. I believe it asks you if it was in store or online. You choose in store. Then it will ask you some stuff from your receipt. It will take a couple days to clear, then they will email you letting you know a change has been made to your SCR. You log in to see if you were approved. You can only request 1 check a month, so you should let them build up until you are 100% positive you will not be buying anymore qualifying purchases. Once you are sure you can then request your check.

The nice thing about Rite Aids program is you get a actual check. One you can deposit in your bank! Most other store's you have to use it there, not this one. Though I'm sure I will! The turn around time is pretty quick too, it took about 2 weeks for me to get my requested check. Sometimes you can hook up some pretty awesome deals with coupons where they will basically be PAYING YOU!

My Sunday Routine

I thought I would share how my Sunday Routine with everyone. Todays was a little different, usually I do all these steps, plus shop. Today I didn't because I stayed up to late on saturday, Tj and I went out to dinner and saw a movie (dinner with schmucks). So we didn't get back til late, then by the time I was done clipping and organizing it was time to go get the little man. So I will probably go shopping thursday, and will post my actual deals sometime later this week. Anyway, here is how it goes.

I head to the gas station down the street and pick up 5 papers. The gas station cashier always says "Wow, Doing Some Reading?" and "Do you know you have 2 of the same paper?".I'm sure some of you, like the nice gas station attendant are curious why I have 2 of the same paper. Well, I get 1 Citizen (out of Auburn/Syracuse) and 1 Finger Lakes Times (out of Seneca Falls/Syracuse) I only get 1 of each of these because they have different adds. They actually have the same coupon inserts in them. I get 2 of the Democrat and Chronicle, because usually they have the BEST coupons. And I throw in 1 Ithaca Journal because..its .75cents, and what the heck, its only .75cents. So all together I spend $7.00 in papers. If I can come out with ATLEAST $7.00 in coupons I know I'll use, I'm a happy girl!

I highly suggest if you wan't to be serious about the couponing thing, to pick up different papers from different areas. You will see the coupons are VERY different. Many times they do not have the same coupons in them as other areas. I know A LOT I get the really awesome coupons, and my Moms paper never has them. If you wan't to know a quick way how to see what paper has what coupons, look at the spine of them. On the spine of them it will tell you what paper the coupons came out of. So if you go, and get 2 different area papers make sure you check that out as well, because just cause they are from 2 different areas does not always mean they will have different coupons. Take my Finger Lakes Times, and my Citizen for example. One out of Seneca Falls, one out of Auburn. However, both have Syraucse Coupons.

So next what I do, is tear apart my papers. I take all the ads I want to look at and put them in one pile, I always keep ALL my rite aid and walgreens ads. But only 1 of the other ads. The reason I keep multiple of those ads is because I found that the area's sometimes have different sales. I one time had my rite aid ad from the Citizen paper, and wen't to get some deals at my local rite aid and they told me they were not on sale. I pulled out my rite aid ad, and showed them. They were shocked too. So now I keep them to make sure I have the ad with the best deals. Then I put all my coupons in one pile as well. I also always keep the Parade or USA weekend. Sometimes they will have extra coupons in them. A few weeks ago they had FREE McFrape/Smoothie coupons in them. This week though, they were duds.

I then go through the coupons first, and cut any that I think we may want or need, or can get a good deal on. When my cutting is all through, I put all the inserts in folders. I keep the inserts for multiple reasons, sometimes I may miss a coupon, and on another coupon website someone may suggest getting that deal. Or there may be something I would not usually get, and it would be free, so I will go back to those coupons and cut them out. Or sometimes someone else needs a coupon out of it, so I always have them to give that coupon to them! Then I put them in the correct spot in my new really cool (but dorky) coupon binder! This thing is awesome though, I throw it right in the front of the cart, and everything is there at a glance, no pawing through trying to find the right coupon. I know where everything is, I keep my coupon policies, and the weeks ads in there if anything arises where I should need them. Plus it has a spot for my scissors, a pen, note pad, and I keep a clear sheet protector in the front to throw the coupons I'm going to use in there, so they are not shoved in my pocket or purse.

Next its time for the ads. I go through all the ads to see who has the best deals and who I can match my coupons up the best with. Usually I find that rite aid is the best for me. If you plan to do some couponing at Rite Aid, I suggest two things, first sign up for their WELLNESS PLUS CARD, then make a account online and start doing their video values. The video values you can use with a mfgr coupon, plus their coupons from the paper. So all together you could end up using 3 coupons for 1 item. Plus they have $5.00 off $25.00 you can use for your total purchase. If you are using one of these coupons, always hand over that coupon first, then any other coupons you have. You can get your total VERY low by doing this!

So that's it! Then I head off to wherever the deals are. Sometimes it ends up being 4 different stores I go to, sometimes it's only one. Sometimes it's lots of transactions, other times it's only a couple. This week I did find a few things at Rite Aid I plan to get, but I'm not sure how my scenarios will work yet. But here is what I'm seeing so far:

With the sale, and those coupons, that makes those razors only .99cents. Plus I have 6 of those coupons (one of my papers had a extra coupon section in them with this coupon! SCORE!!!). So what I may do for this is, buy 6 razors, the total will come up to $35.94. I will give her my $5/$25 coupon, making it $30.94, then 6 $5.00 off coupons. Making it .94cents plus tax for 6 of those razors. Can't beat that deal!

Not sure what the deal will look like on this, but it should be pretty good. They are b1g1 50% off. I can use the 1 Video Value coupon, plus 2 MFGR coupons, so I can take $4.00 off, plus they will be b1g1 1/2 OFF, and I think the mascara I like is usually $8.99.So I'm guessing about $13.59 for 2, then take off the coupons, it'd be about $9.49 for 2 mascaras. Making it more like b1g1 FREE! Plus if you spend $10.00 worth of maybeline products you can get this: cheesy I know, but hey it comes with FREE SAMPLES!
I will prob add the Garnier deal on to this transaction as well. I will use the 1 Video Value coupon, plus 2 mgfr coupons for $1/1. So that will take off $3.00 making them 2/$3. Then at the bottom of my receipt I will get a $2.00 +UP reward to use on my next transaction.

The following items are in a really awesome deal, spend $25.00 on any of these items, get $5.00 back. There is a whole list of them here that are part of the deal: it's under rebate #10. Most of these rebates count before your coupons, so if your total is $25 before coupons you will get it. And if I don't that won't really matter either, because it's all stuff I had planned on getting anyways, and will still be a great deal. But here is what I think Im going to do. I plan to get 4 chex mix, 1 scott toilet paper, 4 progresso soups, and it should add up to $24.95. I'll pick up something small, like a candy bar, and add .50cents to that total. $25.45 (before taxes). I will hand over my $5.00/$25.00 coupon printed from REDPLUM.COM.(because you can only use 1 $5.$25 Video Value coupon per day)then it will make it $20.45. Hand over all my coupons, $6.00 off, making my subtotal $14.45. I will then use my $2.00 +UP rewards from my garnier transaction, so my subtotal will end up being $12.45. My receipt will also have a $1.00 +UP reward from the scott. Making it down to $11.45. Then if I qualify for the $5.00 rebate, it will be like paying $6.45. (really out of pocket I will have paid $12.45 plus tax)

There you have it. That is how the SUNDAYs go in Corbyns Coupon Mom's house. After I hit up the stores later this week I will let you know how it goes and post all my actual deals. I hope this helps you better understand exactly how I get some of the great deals I do!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Free Sample Of Wrigley's Gum

Wrigley is offering a FREE Pack of their new Extra Dessert Delights gum! Go to and enter promotional code 353637. Choose from these flavors: Key Lime Pie, Mint Chocolate Chip or Strawberry Shortcake!

I Can Ride The Horsey At Grandmas!!

Corbyn loves Shelby! He thought it was pretty fun to try and ride her like a horse! But don't worry he's holding on TIGHT. (notice Shelby's eyes in the second picture). So much fun at Grandmas!

Fun In The Sun At Grandma's

That's my little man, showing me how he eats at Grandma's, and as Grandma says.."What happen's at Grandma's...stay's at Grandma's"!
Corbyn is at Grandma's for the weekend. I don't know who loves it more, him or Grandma. He's all smiles when Grandma is around..but then again so is she! It's a beautiful weekend, so I'm sure they have lots of fun things in store for them. Tj and I had a great "date night" last night. We ate spaghetti (my fav) by candlelight, and watched a movie.Not sure what is in store for us the rest of the weekend, but I do know I have some cleaning on my list and of course couponing tomorrow! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back To School And A New Routine...

Corbyn went back to school today. Seems like he's been home more than he's been there lately, with his double ear infection and then his scheduled vacation. Tj dropped him off and said he got so excited when he saw his teachers!

They've been feeding him cereal and fruit in the morning, then giving him more cereal and fruit for lunch because he still seemed extra hungry. So we decided to start feeding him lunch as well when he was home here, except instead of the cereal we gave him "dinner" food. It seemed to work out well. So we decided that at school now when he gets there he will get his cereal with fruit, then at lunch he gets 1/2 a veggie (because he HATES veggies, and we're trying to get him used to them) and 1/2 a fruit. Today was day one of the veggie's. I was surprised to hear they said he liked them! Maybe his taste buds are changing, whatever it is I was happy to hear that! They said he ate VERY well today, and was a very happy chatty baby!

When we got home today, Tj started to fix dinner, and I was helping him in the kitchen, so we put Corbyn in his exersaucer. While we were cooking away we heard him babling..but this time instead of his normal screeches, it sounded like he was actually trying to get words out!! It was crazy, I think the MA-MA, DA-DA, BA-BA sounds are right around the corner! I looked at TJ and said, this has to stop, he is growing up WAY to fast!

Time really does fly, it's so hard to believe he is going to be 7 months next week. He's trying to crawl, pull up on things, and now babaling..whats next? senior prom?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Something To End Your Night With...

Thought I'd give everyone something to bring a smile to their face, before they went to bed. Here is my little man enjoying the day at the ZOO. Isn't he the cutest Lion you've ever seen?!

My Weekly Deal - 08/01/2010

This week, I wen't to a few places. I wen't to two different Rite-Aid's, Walgreen's and Walmart.

We'll start with Rite-Aid:
If you haven't already, you need to sign up for Rite-Aid's WELLNESS card. These deals will not apply unless you have one.

Skintimate Shave Gel and EDGE Shave Gel - Sale Price $1.99, use $1.00 off/1 from 8/1 paper
Pay .99 cents after all discounts

Pampers Cruisers - The rite-aid I went to had them on clearance, but they actually have a good deal going on with a normal pack as well. The regular deal is: Buy 1 pack at $8.99, get a $2.00 UPR (a UPR, is a credit printed at the bottom of your receipt to use for your next purchase), and submit for a $2.00 SCR (a SCR is a Rebate, you can go online and enter them, enter all you want for a month, then request your rebate, they will send you a check you can deposit in your own bank accounts). Use $1.75 off/1 from 8/1 paper.
Pay $3.24 after all discounts

Folders - .99 cents EA, on sale B1G1 50% off

Herbal Essence Hair Styling Products - Sale 2/$5.00. use the B1G1 Free coupon from 8/1 paper.
Pay $2.50 for 2 after all discounts

Pampers Wipes - $3.49, use Get 1 Free Pack Of Wipes when you purchase 1 pack of diapers.
Pay $0.00 after all discounts

J&J Baby Wash - On sale for $3.99, get $2.00 UPR
Pay $1.99 after all discounts

Baby Oragel - On sale $7.29 for B1G1 Free, use $1.00/1 Coupon
Pay $6.29 for 2

The nice thing about RITE-AID (and Walgreens) is you can use their IN-AD coupons with any manufacture coupons, and if you go to RITE-AID.COM you can watch their VIDEO REWARDS, and get more coupons to print which can be stacked as well.

Most deals I do, I will use one of my Video Reward coupons for $5.00 off a $25.00 purchase. I always give the cashier this one first. Then I will give them all other coupons after. This can really get your total down.

For example one of my transactions I did today was $39.15. I gave them my $5.00 off $25.00 Video Reward, then all my coupons, and UPR's I had, and got my total down to $13.19.

A big part of getting the best deal you can get, is doing multiple transactions. A lot of the time I will do one transaction, than take my UPR's from the bottom of the receipt and use it towards another transaction with my coupons, to get the best possible deal.

Here's what I got at WALGREENS:

Dawn Dish Soap - With In-Store Coupon, .99Cents, used .25cents off/1 coupon
Pay - .74cents after discounts

Infants Advil - Sale Price $5.99, use In-Add coupon $2.00/1, pair with $1.00/1 coupon
Pay - $2.99 after discounts

Here's what I got at WALMART:

Similac Singles - $10.17, use $1.00/1 Similac Product, use $5.00/1 Similac Product Check
Pay - $4.17 after discounts

Gillette Body Wash - $2.97, use $2.00/1 Body Wash/Deoderant from 8/1 paper
Pay - .97 cents after discounts

Huggies Wipes - $5.97, use $2.00/1 Coupon from WWW.COUPONS.COM
Pay - $3.97 after discounts

Rite-Aid's Transactions:

Transaction 1:
Buy 1 J&J Baby Wash
-Receive $2.00 UPR
Pay: $4.29

Transaction 2:
Buy 2 Pampers Cruisers, on clearance for $8.99
Buy 8 Folders, on clearance for .49cents
Buy 4 Herbal Essence Products for 2/$5.00
Buy 1 Pampers Wipes $3.69

(1) $5.00/$25.00 Video Reward (or printable from REDPLUM.COM)
(2) B1G1 Free Herbal Essence Coupon
(2) $3.00/1 Pamper Cruisers
(2) $2.00 UPR's (1 earned from a previous purchase, and one form J&J purchase)
(1) FREE Pampers Wipes, With Purchase of Diapers

Pay: $13.19
Receive 1 $2.00 UPR from buying Herbal Essence Product

Transaction 3:
Buy 1 Pampers Crusiers on clearance for $8.99
Buy 5 Skintamate/Edge Shave Gel for $1.99
Buy 1 Pampers Wipes $3.69

(1) $5/$20.00 Video Reward
(1) $3.00/1 Pampers Cruisers
(5) $1.00/1 Skintamate/Edge Shave Gel
(1) Free Wipes with purchase of pampers

Pay: $8.52
Receive 1 $2.00 UPR for Pamper's Cruisers

Transaction 4:

Buy 6 Herbal Essence Products for 2/$5.00
Buy 1 Aquaphor Baby Lotion for $6.29
Buy 2 Baby Oragel for $7.29, B1G1 Free

(1) $5/$25.00 Printed Coupon from REDPLUM.COM
(3) B1G1 Free Herbal Essence Coupon
(1) $2.00 UPR
(1) $1.00/1 Baby Oragel

Pay $13.92

(Plus my Walgreens + Walmart purchase)

Total between ALL stores before sales/discounts = $194.14
Total between ALL stores after sales/discounts = $52.74

Total SAVED = $141.40

**You only can receive 1 UPR per item. Ex: I bought 8 Herbal Essence Hair Products. The paper says "receive a $2.00 UPR when you purchase 2 Herbal Essence Hair Products. I can only receive 1, $2.00 reward, even though I bought 8.


Hi There,

So many people have asked me how I get the deals I do. So I thought I would start a blog to share them with you, and along the way I would update on what's going on in our life. I will try my best to keep up with this, but as a lot of you know I'm sure, it is hard with a little one running..or well, crawl around.

I hope this helps those of you that are following in my footsteps!