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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back To School And A New Routine...

Corbyn went back to school today. Seems like he's been home more than he's been there lately, with his double ear infection and then his scheduled vacation. Tj dropped him off and said he got so excited when he saw his teachers!

They've been feeding him cereal and fruit in the morning, then giving him more cereal and fruit for lunch because he still seemed extra hungry. So we decided to start feeding him lunch as well when he was home here, except instead of the cereal we gave him "dinner" food. It seemed to work out well. So we decided that at school now when he gets there he will get his cereal with fruit, then at lunch he gets 1/2 a veggie (because he HATES veggies, and we're trying to get him used to them) and 1/2 a fruit. Today was day one of the veggie's. I was surprised to hear they said he liked them! Maybe his taste buds are changing, whatever it is I was happy to hear that! They said he ate VERY well today, and was a very happy chatty baby!

When we got home today, Tj started to fix dinner, and I was helping him in the kitchen, so we put Corbyn in his exersaucer. While we were cooking away we heard him babling..but this time instead of his normal screeches, it sounded like he was actually trying to get words out!! It was crazy, I think the MA-MA, DA-DA, BA-BA sounds are right around the corner! I looked at TJ and said, this has to stop, he is growing up WAY to fast!

Time really does fly, it's so hard to believe he is going to be 7 months next week. He's trying to crawl, pull up on things, and now babaling..whats next? senior prom?

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