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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Don't Know How You Ladies Keep Up With Blogs..

I am SOOOO bad at it! I just can't keep up with you faithful bloggers! Anyway...I haven't couponed in a few weeks, so when I went to Rite-Aid and got some AMAZING deals! Too good not to share, I don't think I'll be going this week, not to much interesting me. I may hit up target, but not sure. Right now I gotta get a new printer cartridge because mine is not printing coupons right! Its making me miss out on SO MANY! Anyway here's my deal!

Here's what I got:
5 J&J Body Wash
3 Gerber Puffs
1 Gerber Juice
1 Gerber Melts
1 Gerber Crunchies
4 Packs Trident Gum
1 Pack Orbit Gum
1 Pack Xtra Protection Diapers
2 Children Advil (one's not shown)
1 Fructis Curl Creme
2 Mt Dew
1 Maybeline Foundation
1 Maybeline Mascara
1 3 Pk EPT Digital Pregnancy Tests (not shown)

Any Guesses?! This one I'm still shocked at....
Before: $127.33
After: $22.06


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