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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Something To End Your Night With...

Thought I'd give everyone something to bring a smile to their face, before they went to bed. Here is my little man enjoying the day at the ZOO. Isn't he the cutest Lion you've ever seen?!


Heather Johnson said...

Hey Linds--

I think this is an awesome site and idea. Did you put the ads on here? (I know with typepad you get paid for that, do you here too?) Great idea sister!

Lindsay said...

Thanks Sister, we'll see how it goes. I get tons of questions on HOW i got the deals I got, so I figured instead of explaning it a million times, Id just post them here!

What adds? the one's for the blogs? no those are the blogs I go to for a lot of my couponing stuff. They are my favorite ones!

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